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Astro Must


Project Details:

  • Price: FREE MINT
  • Collection Count: 10000 Items
  • Traits Count: 1
  • Category: Gaming
  • Presale Date: August 5, 2022

Project Links:

EXCLUSIVE 24HR ACCESS ‘PLAY TO MINT’ – REGISTER FOR WL SPOT. DROP SIZE – 10K ALPHA BATCH RECRUIT Collection. 📢ASTRO MUST – FIRST VIDEOGAME THAT COMBINES PLAY AND MINT 👀 ON THE APP STORE A unique, open world, space exploratory game on the blockchain with an extraordinary vision – To accelerate Space for Everyone in the Metaverse.🚀👩‍🚀 For our community, we will stop at nothing to provide a mind-blowing, role-play fantasy escape with strong emphasis on building together something greater! ✅ A strong game first mentality ✅ Fully doxed team ✅Roadmap, discord and strong community Download Game –

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