Hero Arena (HERA) | 10235 VIEWS Hero Arena is a Metaverse RPG Game builded on blockchain technology. Hero Arena have inspiration from the Dota2 Game. Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
Candy Cash (CANDY) | 14566 VIEWS Candy Cash is a game inspired by the globally successful “Candy Crush Saga”. Besides enjoying addictive and immersive gameplay, players are the real owners of the items inside the game, and they are able to exchange them with other players and obtain real, attractive, and significant rewards according to their total playtime. Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
inShape (SHAPE) | 10456 VIEWS The first app that uses blockchain technology to reward your workouts The more you workout, the more you earn. Active TBA TBA 8 Premium
MegaFan (MEGA) | 10067 VIEWS Megafanstore is an online business that sells fan and sports articles. The company explores with the Great Branding Company, the UEFA merchandise license partner the potential of offering UEFA products, co-branded products, and other merchandising club products in the Chinese marketplace. Additional offering unique possibilities with 3D avatars for fans, including 3D fan game and virtual world. Active TBA TBA 7 Premium
ShapeShift Review | 10454 VIEWS Trading View Shapeshift has a rather simple trading view in contrast with other online exchanges. Once you enter, you will see an exchange box where you can easily trade between Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
PlayHub (PLH) | 10234 VIEWS PlayHub is a community-driven platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement, participation and enjoyment by using innovative tokenomics, decentralized finance techniques and games. PlayHub combines the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting Play2earn ecosystem. Gamers will not only be able to take true ownership of their in-game assets, but will also be able to earn rewards for participation in the ecosystem. PlayHub develops a platform with different genres of games all tied to PLH token and interoperable NFTs. Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
Deesee (LOVE) | 12345 VIEWS Deesse is a blockchain-enabled, idle Role-Playing Game (RPG) or Card Placement Game (CPG) with progress-based and skill-based features. It incorporates a Play-to-Earn mechanism, allowing players to earn tokens and NFT in the gameplay. Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
Sonar Watch | 10124 VIEWS Sonar is a tracking tool on Solana Blockchain that aim to show on a single page the DeFi investments of a public address. Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
PointPay (PXP) | 10456 VIEWS First Worldwide Working Crypto Bank Ready and Live, Live Working Fiat Exchange, Live Working Fiat Wallet, and Live Payment System, Debit and Credit Cards. Active TBA TBA 9 Premium
Artemis Vision (ARV) | 1 VIEWS Artemis Vision is an online social media marketplace for musicians, creators, and artists to buy, sell, mint, and collect content NFT’s all in one web app. Upcoming TBA TBA 9