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Social Information Network


There are two general types of social media — messengers and social networks.


Messengers are private networks as they are mostly used for private communications and their content is private by default.


Legacy social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be categorized as semi-public networks. Despite most of their content being public, you are required to establish connections with other users in order to receive information without which such semi-public networks are useless. By making connections, you define your content. However, instead of choosing information directly, you choose sources of information. You effectively create filter bubbles for yourself. The system is restricted by its own rules, and it cannot show the content that falls out of filters. Moreover, legacy social networks were initially intended for communication among friends, so their feeds are a heavy mix of general and personal content.

Reddit comes closest to our definition of a social information network. Its content is not intended for friends but for the consumption by general audience. It does not require users to establish connections to use the service and it still provides a way to fine-tune the received results. Reddit has one of the most visited resources on the net despite the fact that it has not changed a lot in the last 12 years and was not fully aware of the Mobile First concept, at

in 2011. Thus, there are a lot of possibilities.

Sola is a public social information network with a strong financial incentive for all involved parties to follow the rules of the network and to develop it together. Its content is produced by quality-oriented users for the global audience instead of just the user’s friends.

Summarizing the above written statements, it is safe to call social information networks as a hybrid of a social and a media network.

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