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Table of ContentAbout Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)Our principlesFun comes First.You REALLY own it.Communities make GamesPlay AND EarnWhy are we necessary? About Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is the world’s first mobile focused web3 gaming guild. Our mission is to build high quality, blockchain integrated mobile games that will form a decentralised […]

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About Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is the world’s first mobile focused web3 gaming guild. Our mission is to build high quality, blockchain integrated mobile games that will form a decentralised gaming ecosystem, allowing our members to sustainably earn rewards in exchange for their contribution to the ecosystem.

All games on our ecosystem will use a single currency: The Meta Masters Guild token ($MEMAG). All MMG titles will have in-game rewards called ‘Gems’ which can be converted to MEMAG tokens, players will then be presented with a choice to cash out or reinvest in the ecosystem in numerous ways. Our system is designed to incentivise players to invest both their time and money into the ecosystem, by ensuring they are fairly compensated for their investment; something which is needed in gaming.

Our principles

Fun comes First.

We find it imperative to not lose sight of our goal, which is to create fun games. We pledge not to let our blockchain integration, tokenisation, and earning mechanisms get in the way of what really matters, which is an interactive and fun gameplay experience for the player. Sustainability is a primary focus. The creation of a sustainable economy model requires a stable player base, and the players need a fun and engaging game for them to continue playing.

You REALLY own it.

Whatever items or currency you own in our ecosystem, they will genuinely belong to you. All of our in-game assets are owned, verifiable and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. This helps decentralise our ecosystem, and significantly increases incentives to buy these assets, while players are aware that these assets are 100% tradable, unchangeable and in their control.

Communities make Games

Multiplayer games are nothing without their community, we will ensure that our community is with us every step of the way. Your voice will help shape the future developments of our ecosystem and we will be as proactive as possible in engaging our community and involving them in decision-making.

Play AND Earn

You may have heard the term play to earn gaming (P2E). We believe it is fundamentally flawed and like to use Play AND Earn (P&E). We don’t want people to play our games just to earn money, if our entire player base seeks profit, it is impossible for the earning mechanics to be sustainable. We want to provide genuinely high quality, fun games that people want to play and spend money on, then give our players opportunities to earn money back, and be compensated for the value they provide to our ecosystem.

Why are we necessary?

The gaming industry is among the most predatory industries in our world today. Huge gaming corporations own the rights to all our favourite titles, they consistently fail to make games to a proper standard, they employ predatory monetisation techniques making billions every year. However, the core player base which makes these games so special sees absolutely zero of this money come back to them. The corporations tend to ignore their community’s feedback despite the community being the foundation all great games are built upon. We will fight against this.

Over the past decades of gaming classics, it has been proven that people are willing to put significant sums of money into games they genuinely enjoy playing. We envision a gaming ecosystem where players enjoy playing our games, therefore they want to put money into them, and designing the in-game economy to be totally open and fair. Allowing players to trade all their in-game items and currency to one another as they please. We firmly believe that an open in-game economy will significantly increase the amount of investment into a game, and that web3 games will vastly eclipse traditional games in terms of the trading volume of their in-game economies.

ICO Main Sale

ICO Start:11th January 2023

ICO End:31st March 2023



Price Per Token:$0.007

Hard Cap:$4,970,000

Platform:Ethereum Network

Buy With:ETH, USDT


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