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Fintrade Zone

Fintrade Zone is the 2023 most promising crypto project with Blockchain based uniquely design 3 use cases that’s the crypto world never seen before. 3 use cases are as follow : FinCard : Blockchain based EMV certified Smart Card compliance manufacturing unit. CITP : Community Owned Profit Sharing Crypto Investment & Trading Platform. Blockto-V : […]

Fintrade Zone is the 2023 most promising crypto project with Blockchain based uniquely design 3 use cases that’s the crypto world never seen before. 3 use cases are as follow :

FinCard : Blockchain based EMV certified Smart Card compliance manufacturing unit.

CITP : Community Owned Profit Sharing Crypto Investment & Trading Platform.

Blockto-V : Blockchain based Cyber Security Antivirus and distributed ledger oriented multi-malware detection engine.

It has 2 billion fixed token supply, from where 900 million is for ICO pre-sale.

About Fintrade Zone

  • Crypto World 1st EMV Certified Blockchain Based Smart Card Compliance Production Unit.

  • Crypto World 1st Community Owned Institutional Crypto Investment & Trading Platform.

  • Crypto World 1st Blockchain Based Cyber Security Antivirus Software.

Fintrade Zone is a blockchain based business ecosystem, where several blockchain based business will be operated connecting it’s community through FTZ token ecosystem. Fintrade Zone team is developing some unique featured blockchain based products for world wide distribution through it’s community. Initially, there are 3 unique use cases developed by FTZ developer tea

Fintrade Zone believe that Blockchain is the ultimate solution of various projects like smart card, antivirus software industry for resolve security issue and make it more faster. It will not only become the solution, but it gives confidence for many projects and new entrepreneur

Others side, crypto investment & trading is a booming sector all over the world. Our vision is to make crypto investment and trading always profitable to follow our own mechanism. Make it sustainable, stable and risk free for our community members

Fintrade Zone Token success depends on very professional approach and on great mind working together with it’s community. We believe in evolving the transparency, scalability and sustainability of Blockchain Technology. Fintrade Zone team believe that the crypto trading industry and Blockchain based real life use case products are very young stage for develop and that the potential is enormous.



Products on Blockchain

Developing products build on blockchain that opens a new era for the tech world.

Smart Investment

Buy at ICO (min. $150) , receive 1 share for free worth of $50 and enjoy earning every month.

Token Price Dump Protection

No seed sale, no venture capital, no private sale. Presale tokens, Team tokens and other tokens release in a transparent vesting process to protect as usual price dump.

FTZ a Life time Opportunity

All use cases are uniquely designed for the long term benefits of token holders.

Sustainable Token Economics

The demand for FTZ token is very sustainable for it’s unique mechanism of use, specially 4% auto tax add in trade wallet to keep trade fund always stable.

Voting Power

To take CITP trade, community members can place their vote to boost up its perfection as well getting opportunity to propose initiatives.

Technical Info

Fincard Technical Aspect with Blockchain

A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit (ICC or IC card) is a small portable computer/electronic authorization device, used to control access to a resource. It integrates a microprocessor, some memory and apps. The circular metal contact is vital to connect to the chip bellow and active the card electrically. It is used in conjunction with a contact or contactless card reader (POS for payments, at the ATM, or even in mobile phone). The card reader (or mobile phone) brings the 3V or 1.8 voltage to activate the chip. Blockchain Technology can be used on Apps or OS development of a smart card.

Smart cards can be used to effectively manage cryptographic keys, thereby enabling efficient and secure transactions in the Blockchain applications. Private keys are stored on smart cards separate from the public keys.

Smart cards are essentially chips that stores data read by machines. They are embedded with microprocessors to allow smooth transactions. These cards are an essential component of most of the credit/debit cards, SIM cards, and hotel key cards and others, which are considered the most common, used forms of smart cards today.

The mode of installation, the architecture, and configuration of the smart card processor play a vital role in determining the cryptographic operation times. The time required for carrying out complex cryptographic operations has been minimized. For instance, signing a 1024-bit RSA modulus [30] would require a fraction of a second, while hash function evaluations are accomplished even sooner.

Smart cards have been in use ever since they were introduced. They have revolutionized the way a business operates.

A smart card is a hardware capable of performing operations such as key pair generation with minimum power consumption in the least possible time duration. The secure key pairs are capable of handling attacks of a critical and advanced nature of blockchain applications.

Smart card technology protects private keys inside hardware with tamperresistant hardware security and interaction restricted to a limited set of commands and responses, which indirectly increases the overall security of blockchain applications.

It provides straightforward access to cryptographic keys. The smart card can be a simple card, USB device, mobile device, microSD, an embedded secure element chip, or a wearable device. These devices enable easy, portable, user controlled access to the keys for performing Blockchain transactions.

They provide Blockchain applications a secure platform and an established, standardized security evaluation and certification program for protecting keys.

Blockchain applications are the new oil, but it is crude, and when used with the help of one of the smart technology smart card will bring new gold nuggets. Smart cards securely store private keys which are part of the cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain applications using smart cards help to earn more revenue with more business growth.

CITP Technical Aspect

34% of total ICO raised fund goes to Trading wallet. Holders, who invested min. $150 during ICO, eligible for CITP Trade community and they are counted as $50 (1 share) invested in Trading Wallet. On the other hand, holders who invested bellow $150 during ICO, will not be eligible for Fintrade Zone trade community, but they can join as trade community member any time after Token launch, depositing min. $100, max. up to $5000 in trading wallet. We are expecting high volume transactions in a single day, our 4% auto Tax adding mechanism from every transaction keeps the Trade wallet fund stable. Every Single trade will be opened by the decision of direct community voting. Fintrade Zone Token intends to give every member a voice, vote and opportunity to propose initiatives.

BLOCKTO-V Technical Aspect

Any downloaded file from internet has no way to verify that it is free from malware or not, it is legit or not. FTZ team is developing an unique featured Blockchain based cyber security Antivirus “Blockto- V ” to solve the problem. User can verify any file from internet that it is malicious or not. It is very fast and every node in the network will be able to cheek specific file from internet. Using distributed ledger method, Blockto-V can confirm and verify multi-malware threats secure and faster way.

ICO Main Sale



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