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Table of ContentWhat is EasyFeedback1. Involved in the feedback industry since 20152. A very experienced, doxxed team3. Bridging a multi-billion, raising industry to Crypto4. Solid Business Model + Tested technology5. Legally registered as a crypto project in Europe6.Our business model fits seamlessly with the Blockchain7. Token Model: Deflationary + Demand Fostering What is EasyFeedback 1. […]

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What is EasyFeedback

1. Involved in the feedback industry since 2015

EasyFeedback has been involved in the feedback market since mid-2015, developing innovative tools, products, and technologies that improve everything regarding professional feedback. Our online platform connects customers and companies and has already been used to send more than 400,000 feedbacks to more than 10,000 companies across 50 different countries (around 200 feedbacks are sent per day). We have already invested around 970,000 USD.

2. A very experienced, doxxed team

Our CEO and other team members have more than 20 years of working experience in the Feedback Industry. Our team has experience both in the traditional and in the crypto industry. Moreover, every member of the team is known and shown on our webpage, none of us are anonymous.

3. Bridging a multi-billion, raising industry to Crypto

We are aiming to become the global “Hub” of private Feedback worldwide, the link between private feedback sent from customers to companies and organizations globally. We are aiming to become a game changer and revolutionize the Feedback industry worldwide.

4. Solid Business Model + Tested technology

We have products and services developed, which are already being used by companies, as for example: 1. EasyFeedback PRO; 2. EasyFeedback IoT (Internet of Things); 3. EasyFeedback Health; 4. EasyFeedback Survey; 5. EasyFeedback Review; 6. EasyFeedback Stats. Moreover, we are developing more products and services to Feedback senders, as for example our Marketplace. This allows us to get a steady and trustworthy income flow for developing our project. Moreover, we already use secure, proven and easily scalable technology to internationalize and commercialize our products and services.

5. Legally registered as a crypto project in Europe

We are officially and legally registered as a crypto project in Europe, specifically in Estonia (license FVT000423 to provide a virtual currency service). Very few crypto organizations and projects are able to achieve it, and it will be very advantageous for us in the near future when countries start regulating the crypto industry. Moreover, we can operate as a traditional company in Spain thanks to the agreement with EasyFeedback, S.L.

6.Our business model fits seamlessly with the Blockchain

7. Token Model: Deflationary + Demand Fostering

We are developing a model by which there will be continuous token burns, as it can be read in our Whitepaper. Moreover, for having access to some of our services and products, we are creating an innovative process by which companies, organisations and users will have to buy and stake our $EASYF token. This will create a continuous demand pressure for the token and reductions in its circulating supply.

8. Exchanges + Partnerships

9. Easily marketable business model

10. Fair and legal capital raising methodology

ICO Main Sale

ICO Start:Jan 15, 2022

ICO End:Jul 31, 2023



Price Per Token:1 EASYF = 0.05 USD

Soft Cap:300,000 USD

Hard Cap:4,500,000 USD




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