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About Cryptocurrency Network (CCN)

CCN was generated in March 2022. The idea of this project was studied and researched for 2 years to finally have the best performance for all people interested in digital currencies and the future of this market. CCN is not just a token. In this project which we have started, we have several goals to attract people around the world to digital currencies; all these goals will be available on our application and website and CCN TV. It is investigated that the most significant reason for financial loss in a market is a lack of transparency in the industry related. In order to provide such transparency in the Blockchain industry, Cryptocurrency Network, abbreviated to CCN, is set up to actively reflect the facts of digital currencies as they really are.

CCN is the first project in the field of digital currencies which shares the profits of any cryptocurrency project with its own holders. It aims to create a fairly stable and steady market with CCN tokens to avoid fictitious fluctuations causing the investors capital financial loss. In order to prevent the tokens from being fluctuated unreasonably, CCN algorithm imposes limitations on sales in the first three months after launching the ICO. In order to preserve the value of the holders’ currencies, burning tokens is done mostly manually at the right time. Also, a robot is designed to prevent whales’ purchases to make considerable profits.

Having proceeded with instructional

pects of CCN project, a news network is launched to review the effective factors on the market at every moment, on the base of which one may analyze cryptocurrency charts and study new projects based on Blockchain technology. Having introduced the principle methods of earning money through the Blockchain industry, the users can easily access a reliable source providing them with a financial statistical analysis of news and market as soon as possible. This approach makes the community much more interested and unified to minimize their own financial loss in a regular manner.

The main advantages of CCN project are mentioned in the following:
1. Creating CCN exclusive wallet and exchange with the lowest commission.
2. Running the largest NFT gallery for auction.
3. Setting up a CCN token stake
4. Establishing an app store presenting apps, games
5. Installing an online token verification system assessing and scoring the value and efficiency of tokens for all users,
and so forth. In doing so, all members of the community will achieve a comprehensive profit, and this undoubtedly guarantees CCN project survival.


Short-term vision:

We want to draw the project for you from a short-term vision!
Many of you may be wondering how we see the future for digital currency and our project.
Considering that our team has been studying and researching the opportunities and behavioral threats of digital currency users for a long time, and according to their behavioral pattern it has outlined the advertising plan and the progress of the project, our estimate for the next 6 months will be as follows:
The number of our holders in the first 6 months + 100k
The number of our Telegram members in the first 6 months + 150k
The number of our Twitter members in the first 6 months + 150k
The number of Instagram followers in the first 6 months + 150k
Market cap of token in the first 6 months + 300M

We will definitely be among the top currencies and trends in reputable sites in the field of digital currencies.

The exchange made by our team will be used by many people on the website and application.
Our news network will be ready to professionally perform and live 24/7 with the greats of the crypto industry on online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and according to the content provided, it will be one of the most popular online media and we will be arranging its execution on Metaverse.

Our application will be active with several application tabs and our R&D team will be developing this application into a super app.

Our application and website will be ready to provide digital currencies and crypto industry training completely free of charge for all people in the world online and we will be interested in preparing the Metaverse space for educating people.

In our website possible stake our token with 30% profit will attract many people to invest in our project.

In 50 big telegram channels, there will be hot discussions about the progress and prosperity of our project.

We will be listed in large digital currency exchanges and we will be ready for the second phase of presenting our currency in Metaverse business environment.

Celebrities on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will become our holders and they will definitely talk about us because by joining us, they will see great goals in the future.

Our Metaverse commercial lands will be ready to be handed over, so that all kinds of galleries, concerts, and the sale of music albums, the sale of e-books, and the sale and purchase of all the goods which can be offered in the Metaverse space are underway.

Our blockchain App Store was launched and thousands of software, games, etc. have been presented in it, and the developers of this industry are developing more and more due to the support of our team.

Our NFT gallery has been set up with the lowest fee and the easiest way to share NFT, and many enthusiasts are investing in them, and people believe in the profitability of this fledgling market and we’re getting ready to present the largest NFT gallery in Metaverse.

Our support and investment section has been started up and many investors are investing in future projects.

Our evaluation and research team was established which has become a reliable reference for investing in projects by examining currencies and their projects and giving the points and ratings.

We promise you that in the first 6 months of investing in CCN project, you will be one of the most successful and profitable investors in this market. This promise is the result of two years of research and investigation in this market.


Airdrop Event

The Marketing team chose March 14 to launch the ICO.
On this date, we will start our public token sale with the top four ICO websites.
Then, on April 1, we will mark a big and unique event.

Our Airdrop will start with the top five major websites in the field that bring 9,000,000 visitors to our website and social networks. And during 60 days, simultaneously with the websites, 40 big Telegram channels and Twitter pitch, which will introduce and support our campaign with a total of 20,000,000 users.

One of the reasons this event is unique is its great reward. Because we estimate we will have 40,000,000 visitors and we have a $ 2,000,000 reward for the 200,000 people who will accompany us to this event.

Then on April 15, our second campaign will mark another unique event. This event will be held in the telegrams of more than one hundred thousand users and the cryptocurrencies of popular Twitter. Which is performed by referral method. With each referral code, the inviter will receive a reward of 15% of the referral purchase amount.

The CCN team with ten years of experience in the marketing team with the executive will definitely create a unique event.


Who are we?

The main decision of our project is to support the free flow of information and news of cryptocurrencies.

We decided to launch this network to prevent the sudden and destructive movements of cryptocurrency market whales who think only of their own benefit.

Every day, many people lose their capital in the cryptocurrency market due to the ambitions of large investment companies and ambitious whales.

That is why we, six people with three nationalities from Asia, have united to end the separation of the people of the world from the cryptocurrency market because of their losses.
We cannot reveal our identities for security reasons. But Definitely on the first day of launching our network, we will announce our identity.

Digital currencies have been created to prevent individuals and legal entities from interfering in currency exchanges and fictitious price fluctuations of an asset, but what we see today is very different from the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency and Satoshi Nakamoto’s goal.

We have come to support the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market and to direct more interested people to this market every day.

We are with all the people of the world until success.

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Pre-sale Time: 14/03/2022 - 14/05/2022
ICO Time: 14/03/2022 - 14/05/2022
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ICO Price: 0.0000000008
Accepting: Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer & all major blockchains, tokens and stable-coins. 80+ cryptocurrencies in total.
Soft cap: 2000000
Hard cap: 8000000

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Platform: BSC (bep20)
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