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Table of ContentAbout ByepixSolution 1) Byepix Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain SolutionSolution 2) The Byepix Super Metaverse ProtocolSolution 3) Byepix SMA (Super Metaverse Application)Byepix P2E ProtocolMetaversification ApplicationTo be a part of ByepixTechnologies that Byepix brings to the table:Byepix Team’s short- and medium-term goals (Check the Roadmap for more info)Byepix’s Latest UpdatesContractsSome Of The Press Releases (Many […]

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About Byepix

Byepix is a Multi-Faceted Web3-Based Technological Platform that Develops, Converts, Creates, and Provides.

In addition to developing The Most Exclusive Web-3 Based All-In-One Super-Metaverse Platform, which includes all Blockchain tools such as Virtual Life, Virtual Lands, Play2Earn, NFTs, Metafi, GameFi, SoFi, and DAO, Byepix is also a Technological Laboratory working on its own Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain to solve scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility problems between all Metaverse projects.

This Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain solution is to be merged with the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol, which will be integrated into the Byepix Super Metaverse Application with the goal of connecting all Metaverse Environments and their users.

Byepix has developed a 3-stage solution approach to harmonize non-Unified Metaverse projects; meet the solutions of Byepix!

Solution 1) Byepix Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain Solution

The target point of Byepix Metaverse Blockchain It takes part in the Layer 2 Protocol field and serves as the Processing Brain of the Metaverse Environments. It removes all borders and access restrictions in Metaverse Environments for all users.

Byepix removes borders and brings all the Metaverse users in the world together.

Solution 2) The Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol

SMP (Super Metaverse Protocol) spreads to all Metaverse-related internet environments for Metaverse users, collects, processes, and performs data and functions that will bring users together, and establishes inter-network connections. The Super Metaverse Protocol is a Layer 2 cross-chain aggregator that connects all metadata servers and networks together into a unified Byepix-based ecosystem.

When Byepix Metaverse Blockchain is completed, it will merge with Byepix SMP.

Solution 3) Byepix SMA (Super Metaverse Application)

SMA (Super Metaverse Application) is an application with a User Interface Design that works using the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol.
Byepix’s Super Metaverse Multi-Layered Integration provides users in all Metaverse environments with NFT and Asset Management, Price Measurements, Marketcap, Sales, and Transfer capabilities on a unified platform. Manage All Your Assets with the Super Metaverse Application.he goal of the BSMA is to break the limitations of the primitive Blockchain and provide definitive solutions for problems like scaling, communication, and segregation within and between the Metaverses.

The Metaverse is even more awesome now!

Contact Your Avalanche Network Friend While Participating on the Ethereum Network! Byepix provides users with seamless transitions for experiencing reality.

Byepix will function as an interconnected bridge, or the Internet, so to speak, connecting users to one another and projects to business owners or to other projects within and between all Metaverses.

Besides Developing The Solutions Above, Byepix is currently developing the following to integrate into its Game Platform and Creation Platform:

Byepix P2E Protocol

This Protocol is a Technological Solution that allows all existing or new games to be converted to Play-To-Earn within hours. This Protocol will be integrated into our Game Platform.

Metaversification Application

This Application will allow Users Simply to Build Entire Metaverses, Games, and all their assets with a couple of clicks.

To be a part of Byepix

One can participate in the project now by purchasing EPIX, the platform’s Governance token. By investing in EPIX via the Byepix ICO, the user will have access to voting within the Byepix DAO and will be able to influence the development of the project. For example, EPIX holders will soon be able to choose exchanges to list Byepix.

We’ve created an exciting ecosystem around the $EPIX token, which will operate as the center of all Byepix Platforms and the entire Metaverse. Every day, we come up with new possible use cases for the $EPIX token, says the Team.

That is why we are excited to launch the $EPIX token ICO.

Technologies that Byepix brings to the table:

  • Byepix Gamification Contract,
  • Virtual Life/Metaverse,
  • DeFi,
  • Game-Fi,
  • Byepix ICO Staking,
  • Byepix Staking,
  • Byepix Yield Farming,
  • Byepix Swap,
  • 3D Builder,
  • NFT Blockchain,
  • NFT Marketplace,
  • NFT Swap,
  • NFT Staking,
  • NFT Search,
  • Zero Fee NFT Creation & Listing,
  • Lottery,
  • Prediction,
  • SocialFi,

The Purpose and the Mission of Byepix: “Purpose is to develop applications that will bring WEB 3.0 innovations together for the benefit and comfort of humanity.”

Byepix’s mission statement is: “To produce sectoral solutions by contributing to the creation of the Metaverse with the virtual star system.” It will do so by leveraging Blockchain technology and implementing WEB 3.0 protocols for VR, AR, and Web XR-XR.

EPIX, the Native Token: Byepix’s governance token is EPIX. We have set up governance so that EPIX Token holders can vote on platform settings that influence project profitability and development.

ICO Details

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 = 1B EPIX Token

ICO Supply (10%):100,000,000 = 100M EPIX Token

Distribution of ICO Revenues

The distribution of ICO revenues is given in the table as follows.





Ecosystem Funds


Team Salaries


Token Info

Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Contract Address:

Ticker: Epix

Type: Utility-Token

Token Standard: BEP20

Token Price in USD: 1 Epix = 0.18 – 0.27 – 0.33 USD

Accepted Currencies: USDT, BNB, BUSD,ETH

More Information About Byepix

– Visit the website at

– Go to and participate in the ICO Sale, remember, Listing price goal is $5 per Epix!

– For more information about Byepix, please go to

– Do not hesitate to join our Global Telegram:

If you need help or have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team on Telegram:

Byepix Team’s short- and medium-term goals (Check the Roadmap for more info)

  • Metaverse Test Live.
  • Legal Opinion: During the ICO
  • Whitepaper V2 (70% is completed)
  • Roadmap V2
  • NFT Token Release (3/1 is Completed)
  • Byepix NFT Marketplace (80% Completed)
  • Byepix Swap
  • CEX Listing Goal: Top 5 Exchanges
  • Listing price goal $5
  • Publishing the Gems Hunter on Android Play Store and Apple Store

Byepix’s Latest Updates

  • Audit Report (Audited By TechRate):
  • Polygon Contract Deployed on testnet:
  • Gamification V1: Integrated to Pre-Sale/ICO Dashboard
  • Browser Notification Bell Integrated
  • Byepix SilverLand / Mansion Beta Preview V3:
  • Byepix GoldLand / Mansion Beta Preview V2:
  • Dashboard V3 :
  • Land map V3 Environmental Update:
  • Virtual Life Map Infrastructure integrated to Mapbox
  • Byepix Virtual Life / Land Explore Page V1:
  • Listed on CMC, icoholder and ICOlistingonline (for monitoring purposes only)
  • Website UI & UX updated to V2
  • The community has 45.000+ members on Telegram Global Channel at the time of writing. (The goal is 250.000+ members till the mid of 2022.)
  • Contract address published:
  • Published Mission Platform
  • Released the test Version of the Gems Hunter For PC and Apple Computers:


Some Of The Press Releases (Many more to come)

Byepix: The Embodiment of MetaFi

Byepix, the First MetaFi Project to Combine; Gamefi, Metaverse, Blockchain, SocialFi and DAO all Under the Same Roof

Revolutionary integration with Byepix: De-FI, NFT, Game-Fi, Metaverse, and more!

Social Media


Get to know Byepix

  • Website:
  • Purchase Epix:
  • See a part of the Byepix Land Map:
  • Beta version of the Byepix Metaland:
  • Byepix Virtual Life / Land Page:
  • Whitepaper:

Byepix Facts

1) With the Byepix, you can experience a new reality, a pioneering worldview, and new opportunities for collaboration, creation, and investments.

2) Byepix provides infrastructure and interaction opportunities for cultural, intellectual, and economic production.

3) It creates virtual social platforms by utilizing multiple advanced technologies simultaneously in an integrated manner.

4) Byepix will serve humanity as a new digital life that will be an example to life on Earth. Not only in terms of its way of life but also in terms of its financial system.

ICO Main Sale

ICO Start:08-09-2022

ICO End:10-11-2022


Token:Byepix (EPIX)

Price Per Token:$0.18 - $0.27 - $0.33

Soft Cap:$6.112.500

Hard Cap:$24.450.000




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