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On Friday, October 1, 2021, 10 billion BAMs (ERC-20 on polygon ) were issued (BAM = the diminutive of Bamonyo). They are distributed as follows:

* 5 billion BAMs available for sale

* 5 billion BAMs kept by Tiny Hotels Group for marketing and technological development purposes.

The initial value for 1 BAM = 1€.

The 5 billion BAM for sale that investors can buy and trade will allow the company to build 10,000 Tiny Hotels around the world.

The 5 billion kept BAMs will be used as follows:

* Purchase of image rights of players and celebrities (50%)

* Development of a DeFi platform and an exchange platform (10%)

* Deep research and development of IT services (10%)

* Buying space in digital media (20%)

* Sponsorship of sporting and charitable events (10%)   

BAMs are utility tokens and they will make it possible to:

* Stay in Tiny Hotels

* Access hotel bars and restaurants

* Access services and activities such as boat trips, safaris, horseback riding, car rentals, etc. 

* Access transport services (plane, taxi and boat)

* Participate in sports and

-being activities

* Access the products and services of local partners

The purchase of BAMs will be done automatically through the mobile application of the company without asking customers to go to the exchange platforms. Everything will be easy for users. The customers who do not have BAMs will be asked to register their bank card and pay in the currency of their choice. Regardless of the currency used by the customer, the company application will automatically take care of acquiring BAMs on some exchange platforms and paying for the services consumed in BAMs.  

The first target destination is Zanzibar where it is planned to build 100 hotels made up of private tiny houses. 30% of the hotels will be located on Pemba Island, 10% on Mafia Island and 60% in Zanzibar itself. This concentration in phase 1 will allow us in parallel to develop our factory of tiny houses in kit form, which will then facilitate the opening of the rest of the hotels in the world.

To publicize the BAMs we have planned an international communication campaign with a press release in 50 countries + videos with lots of soccer players & celebrities.

Even if our ICO is not limited in time, we are discussing with private banks and investment funds the purchase of our tokens. And since we have no plans for new token issuance, BAMs should gain value as our hotels grow. Also, we take care of contracting with the exchange platforms so that our BAMs can be traded from anywhere.

We have added rules for locking and releasing the 5 billion tokens that we have kept to avoid the possibility of seeing a massive arrival of kept tokens on the markets (founders do not keep tokens for themselves, releasing little by little over a period of 10 years for IT developments, image rights of players, etc.)

The tokens are managed using the Talium platform. They are transferable to a personal self-custody wallet such as Metamask or others.

The project is an outstanding project because it is sustainable, well thought and useful for the environment. The vision of the head team is to get very innovative hotels especially by continuously improving their main product the Tinya Home tiny house.

The hotels will be sustainable because we will use thin solar panels from for electricity. Regarding the water we chose machines that get water from the air (about 2000 liters of water / machine and per day). For this part, we are working with GIWEH the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

The head team is highly qualified and well established to succeed this venture even if we have huge competitors like Marriott, Accor Group, OYO, Jin Jiang, Huazhu, Hilton, IHG, Wyndham Hotel Group, Choice Hotels, BTH Hotels, Louvre Hotels et Radisson Hotel Group,  Mövenpick, Fairmont Raffles, Mantis, sbe, Minor Hotels, Best Western, etc. but we trust in innovation. As Elon Musk says: “focus on creating a great product and the rest will happen”.

Currently, we are developing partnerships with influencers all over the world and our team is ready for the construction of the tiny houses in Zanzibar. We have already secured 10 exceptional plots and we are negociating others.

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MVP: Available
Pre-sale Time: 01/11/2021 - 31/12/2022
ICO Time: 01/11/2021 - 31/12/2022


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ICO Price: 1 BAM = 1€
Accepting: BTC ETH and very soon lots of other currencies
Soft cap:
Hard cap: €5,000,000,000

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Platform: ERC20 on Polygon
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