About Coin Infinity

Every day, an increasing number of users join Coin Infinity, a blockchain community, and independent ICO listing platform. Here are some categories:

Active ICO:

Here you can find all of the most popular ICOs currently active. ICO-related information can be found here, and you can begin investing in the perfect ICO.

Pre ICOs:

Those interested in investing in pre-ICOs can do so with a small amount of money right away. Initial projects can be funded with a small amount of money.

Upcoming ICOs:

You will find in this section some important upcoming initial coin offerings. Which ones are likely to have huge success in the future?


This section contains some ICOs giving away free tokens through simple tasks such as joining their Telegram group, writing a short testimonial on their website, or sharing their campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


You should be aware that Coin infinity provides ICO information. Before investing in an ICO, the readers should acquire all the important details. You are responsible for understanding the risks involved in investing in any ICO project.